The child of a love story born in Japan, the Misaki brand has its origins in a meeting between a globe-trotting photographer and an illustrator in love with Paris.

Completely enchanted by the charm of the woman who will later become is wife, he leaves France and moves to Japan, where he discovers a culture and a way of life he feels both close to and inspired by.

As a first present, he gives his muse and “beautiful flower” (“Misaki” in Japanese) a necklace of Akoya cultured pearls.

Especially charmed by the beauty and purity of these pearls cultivated along the coasts of Japan, his discovery then gives him the idea of launching a brand of pearl jewellery .

The idea matures over time; in 1987, they create Misaki together.

Since they divide most of their time between France and Japan, they naturally choose to retail the brand’s jewellery in airports and on airlines.

Misaki benefits from a boldly modernized image and offers contemporary collections that make the pearl, icon of the brand, into something truly sublime.